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#nowplaying Black Sabbath – 13 it's good, nothing to be ashamed of and gives us some tour dates so am happy with it 08:51:50, 2013-06-10 @HarmerLlama @BosskUK wasn't The Reverie the only track played at Birthdays not recorded (obviously not counting Fleetwood Mac cover)? in reply to BosskUK 13:31:56, 2013-06-10 Let's be honest here folk… Read More

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#nowplaying Carved From Empty Words by Stampin' Ground, what a blistering album 11:53:34, 2013-06-07 @geowriter in reply to geowriter 14:22:14, 2013-06-07 Could @nineinchnails not ship the vinyl of hesitation marks with a CD of the bonus tracks too? No? 17:46:20, 2013-06-07

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@SargentHouseEU Sweetness and light 🙂 in reply to SargentHouseEU 10:24:44, 2013-06-05 OK let me get this straight what can I do with a mac that I don't have admin access to, not even edit the energy saving settings jaysus … 12:02:13, 2013-06-05 #nowplaying Green Day – Uno enjoying it not American Idiot standard but a… Read More

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Had to happen eventually, knocked off my bike on way to work, I'm OK but front wheel needs to be looked at off to @brixtoncycles then 08:09:33, 2013-06-04 @twhyntie more importantly he can keep an eye on you … in reply to twhyntie 17:16:20, 2013-06-04 @twhyntie #eyeslikeahawk #secretwebcaminyourmonitoranyway in reply to neasan 17:22:55, 2013-06-04 Don't… Read More

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That's a nice line up @nininchnails and @ASIWYFA_BAND play @belsonicbelfast? 09:04:36, 2013-05-28 I quite like @GooglePlay's Instant Mixes, just pick a song and it will build a mix of songs based on that or it can suggest mixes 13:57:59, 2013-05-28 #nowplaying Come To Daddy by @dillingerescpln love this track, now where the heck is… Read More

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@IronMaiden MT: @chatterboxco: Proud to be 1st @brucedickinson_ Innovation Award winner at @QMUL Enterprise Awards 10:17:38, 2013-05-24 @richardpurnell I'll tell you one thing, He's not building a playhouse for the children … in reply to richardpurnell 11:16:49, 2013-05-24 #nowplaying Don't Talk to Strangers by Dio a song and a half from a true master… Read More

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Almost had a complete #TicketFail would have been in the dog house if I hadn't got those particular ones 12:23:26, 2013-05-23 OK the rain was OK but thunder? Just clear up before my cycle home lads and I'll be happy :-s 14:59:31, 2013-05-23 18:08:56, 2013-05-23 Going to LoZ at @HamApollo? Start time 19:30… Read More

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@JuliePCGould @Science_Grrl read the article or just the headline, know anything about @ladygeek? in reply to JuliePCGould 09:23:25, 2013-05-16 @JuliePCGould @Science_Grrl @ladygeek welcome to journalism, papers/the media are not a public service they are for generating profit in reply to JuliePCGould 11:03:33, 2013-05-16 A list of "interesting" people on Twitter, anyone you know? 16:33:43,… Read More

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On the last RT from @Repka (via @RobMcAuslan) I'd add "Bands just get a BandCamp and put it all up there to stream/buy" 12:49:22, 2013-05-15 100% agree, bands want me to buy your music? Let me hear it! MT: @Repka: @neasan to have your music nowhere (online) is bonkers 12:51:50, 2013-05-15 @RevStu the nook being… Read More