SikTh at Astoria 2 Oct 2006

SikTh, Thu, 19 Oct 2006 19:00:00, Astoria 2, London, The Event on

From a Gig Review post:
Dead Men In Reno

Same support as the Milton Keynes gig (which I loved). I missed The Architects on purpose and only caught the end of Dead Men, I just have had enough of so so support bands especially after the crap I had to deal with at Imperial Leisure in Madame JoJo’s, Ugh.

This was my first time in the Mean Fiddler, which is next door to the Astoria. I dind’t quite know what to expect and in retrospect it was probably exactly as I should of guessed an underground small version of the Astoria. It was great, strange balcony bar behind glass thing going on but awesome sound and a raised “pit” i.e. the area directly in front of the stage is at a higher level to the rest of the floor, weird.

When Sikth hit the stage I first thought I’d just stand to one side, watch and listen after about 30 seconds that obviously just wasn’t an option so I pushed my way onto the platform and spent the evening right in the middle of the pit. It was fantastic. Sikth were really on fire playing the same set as Milton Keynes but with two additions (see setlist below) and they had a back drop playing video throughout the entire set.

Setlist(songs not usually on tour setlist in bold):

  • Bland Street Bloom
  • Part Of The Friction
  • Pussyfoot
  • Flogging The Horse
  • Another Sinking Ship
  • How May I Help You
  • Hold My Finger
  • Scent Of The Obscene
  • Sanguine Seas Of Bigotry
  • When Will The Forest Speak?
  • Wait For Something Wild
  • Way Beyond The Fond Old River
  • Skies Of Millennium Night
  • Suffice

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