Hundred Reasons at Scala Apr 2006

Hundred Reasons, Thu, 06 Apr 2006 19:47:01, Scala, London, The Event on

From a Gig Review post:
Hundred Reasons
65 Days Of Static

So took my time getting to this one as I wasn’t too pushed about seeing the support acts. Would they be anny good? Unlikely so I skipped ’em. Caught the end of 65 Days Of Static and them seemed OK. It was noisy-ish instrumental rock, like Mastodon but on Prozac.
The venue was mental there are nooks and crannys all over the place thre different balconies, three different levels “on the floor” and what looked like a sort of windowed off bar at the bakc near the top. Couldnae get my head around it so I stayed on the floor and waited.
HR were phenomenal actually picking all the best tunes from their three albums (the most recent of which I have just picked up) and knew what tunes to play to keep the crowd interested an hour long set that never waned and with my new found babies (the earplugs) I was loving every single chord from then guitars, vocal from Colin and note played on the new permanent touring keyboards.
For £10 I was well pleased, will be seeing these guys again real soon.

Later Days,

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