Gig Review – Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Koko, 14th of April 2008

Gideon Conn

Word to the wise: If you see Gideon Conn on a lineup run away, run as far as your legs can carry you, don’t stop to wonder "what if?" just keep moving. They/he are awful I have never been so insulted by an act claiming to be music, just muck.

So moving on from that, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (Sac & Pip from now on) came into my life in a strange way. I was sent a link to their video for "Thou Shalt Always Kill" on YouTube and quite enjoyed it, the "just a band" refrain was great but I left it as an Internet one off novelty thing. I didn’t think it was bad, per se, as I said I really liked it just thought it wasn’t going anywhere and it was just Sac & Pip getting together for a one off (I’m not down with my UK hip-hop so sue me). Then last June Imperial Leisure (yes them AGAIN) were playing the Camden Green Fair for free and on a gorgeous day. I popped down early (IL being on at 6pm or so) to check out the stalls and the beer (Workers Beer Company, nice). While supping a real ale I heard some interesting beats and lyrics coming from the stage (I mean he was rapping parts of the periodic table and the next song was about suicide) so I moved back towards the stage and was quite impressed actually and then for "their last song" they played "Thou Shalt Always Kill". I was a bit taken aback as I had sort of forgotten the song and the name Sac & Pip but they had won me over again and I was all over their myspace as soon as I got back home.

Cycle forward 10 months and I have been keeping an eye on their tunes (even bought a single) and it is practically the eve of the release of their debut album Angles (actually the name of the song about suicide I heard in Camden) and they are playing Koko. I’ve been to Koko before for Hundred Reasons (and someone else I think) and I like it. The stage setup was quite good looked like a sitting room with a TV, armchair and everything. It is, however all down to the tunes, and they played a good chunk off the new album that I knew "Angles", Thou Shalt Always Kill" and "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and ones I didn’t "Magician’s Assistant" and "Waiting for The Beat To Kick In" (I think) but they were all great and the crowd was enamoured with Scroobius’s banter and Dan’s beats. At the end when Scroobius decided to take a wander around with a wireless mic the place was just confused (you can walk off the stage to either side and end up on the first floor balcony which is unusual for a venue of this size.

A great gig, would have been better had Angles been out (I have it now, vinyl + CD signed at an instore) but they have a summer of festivals to impress others and I have tickets for a club date in London (the Astoria 2 a much smaller venue) which will be even better.

Later days,

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