Gig Review – Supergrass, Astoria, 22nd of April 2008

Missed them so don’t know

Note: Written in August just 4 months late

I love Supergrass live, I honestly have never owned there latest album when I see them (this time neither of the last two) but they excel themselves every time. They are a strange band they’re never massive but they still sell out big venues around the country (this time selling out every venue in the tour and playing the Astoria twice).

Tonight was a great mix of old and new playing songs from their entire back catalogue and still finding room for plenty of new songs which never slowed down the set but when they played the big songs like Pumping On Your Stereo and going out the place erupted. The one black spot was Caught By The Fuzz the sound was horrendous and even after a break to try and sort it out it was still poor. A little disappointing as it is easily my favourite track by them by everything else made up for it.

Supergrass live? Yes please, can’t wait for the next proper tour (will skip their festival dates this summer).

Photos here.

Later days,

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