The Bear

Teddy Bear Originally uploaded by neasanoneill Going back through some old photos and I really like this one, so I’m blogging it. I have been playing with Photobox so have been considering doing a photo book or something.

Photo update

Well I thought I’d do a post on how life with my Nikon D80 is going. It’s definitely been fun and occasionally frustrating. I thought setting the “maximum” ISO (1600) and the a minimum shutter speed would mean I would get a good trade off of shutter speed and ISO, i.e. not too long exposure… Read More

Computer god

How have I not used this title before? Anyway it’s the final day of the exhibition, we are working towards a state of having no freebies or leaflets, so that’s a good sign. It has quietened down a little and I may actually get some emails sent today. Strange story from last night though. We… Read More