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Well I thought I’d do a post on how life with my Nikon D80 is going. It’s definitely been fun and occasionally frustrating. I thought setting the “maximum” ISO (1600) and the a minimum shutter speed would mean I would get a good trade off of shutter speed and ISO, i.e. not too long exposure but not too high an ISO. Wrong the camera was just defaulting to 1600 no matter what which means some of my shots from Texas have excessive noise, which is very, very annoying (thanks to Dave for pointing it out). This means my shots from Lyon are better in that regard at least. Now I set the ISO manually rather than letting the camera deicde. I have also stopped using the auto white balance setting but I haven’t used that since about the first week.

I have been trying to get some good shots where ever I am and so far this is one of my favourite shots. It’s outside the conference centre in Lyon last week, the big orange guy is the venue’s “mascot” seemingly, I think framed him and the venue quite well and pretty happy with the shot. I am sure it could be done better or improved but still getting to grips with all the settings and the lens so I am happy. The venue also had green penguins, a brown bear and a red pizza delivery guy (I don’t know), photos of them in the same set as this one.

Unsurprisingly my other shots I am proud of feature Sarah from the weekend she was over (I had just gotten the camera and was taking loads of her):
Sarah on the underground
Sarah in the pub
Sarah in the flat
The weekend Sarah was over we went to Franca Manco a lovely pizza place in Brixton. Again playing with the camera I took some pics of the pizzas and since then have been getting hits from a Serious Eats review of the restaurant in which they link to these two photos. So that has become one of my regular sources of eyes which also includes some hits from HIM forums because of the picture of Ville Vallo at last years Get In The Ring, skating boarding forums for my pics of Stockwell Skatepark and a fetish forum which seems to like Shonagh’s legs in colourful tights :-/.

I hope to get some lessons done before Xmas but work haven’t spit up for that yet will chase it tomorrow so when I’m back in Ireland I should get some great shots.

Later days,

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