Realist Surrealist

Day 3 – It’s 4.30pm at home but only 10.30am here (which I suppose isn’t too bad). The exhibition is only opening but we’re already busy with people checking out the freebies, a few informal meetings and the sheer amount of Italians on the INFN stand (who we are co-located with). We may see business… Read More

The art of balance

Halfway (or so) through the day, some very interesting demos so far, the EDGeS one was very interesting will be talking to them later in the year about some work we need done at QMUL. Went through my photos from yesterday, they weren’t the Mae West (I’m still learning) but have selected a few and… Read More

Carbon wings

The EGEE stand is running a competition to win an iPod this week. Just guess how many jobs have been submitted to the EGEE Grid between 9am (local SC time) today and 6pm (again local SC time) tomorrow to be in with a chance. Just come down to the booth (588) and pop your guess… Read More

Movin’ right along

Just finished packing for Supercomputing ’08, this is my first SC and I haven’t been in the states in over 7 years now so looking forward to it. I think I have all the essentials for the flight; my DS Lite (with Professor Layton and the Curious village), GameBoy Micro (with Legend of Zelda: Link… Read More

My 15 minutes of fame

Earlier in the week I linked via Twitter to The Economist article that mentions me but I decided I’d pull out the exact part and post it here for posterity: I’m due to meet Neasan in the lobby of my hotel. When I arrive I spot a local couple chatting in a corner and a… Read More

The Cavern Club

The Cavern club Originally uploaded by neasanoneill I was in Liverpool recently for work and being a bit of a fan of The Beatles had to go down towards the Cavern Club. My friend Mark took this picture of me in the doorway of the new cavern club. It is a few metres down from… Read More

The Return

So I’ve been away, not only from posting (although there have been tweets) but also on holiday. This year Sarah and I decided to stay in England and headed to Cornwall for a week. It came straight after having Al over for hanging out and the Great British Beer Festival. The beer festival was great… Read More

Raging The Speedhorn

So I haven’t blogged in a while (but I have been twittering, sometimes from my mobile no less) but just a reminder in case anyone thinks they should still like and hang out with me here is proof you shouldn’t my itinerary for mid October: 10th of October: Coach – London to Cork (arrive 10:30… Read More

Dear EU,

Y’know the way you’ve been giving us loads of money for the past 30 years to make us into a proper country, and eventually we actually began to turn into one and started acting like P. Diddy on Coke, combing our quiffs up higher than our house prices? Well, actually we were only kidding, we… Read More

Proof …

… if it was ever needed that the ability to read and understand basic concepts is not required to be a) journalist b) and editor or c) science editor: The above is a piece written by Jonathan Leake science editor at The Times (you know the serious, broadsheet newspaper). Before I start anyone reading… Read More