Amen at The Underworld Oct 2007

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From a Gig Review post:

The Inbreds

I made a point to not turn up till just before Amen should have got on stage, rolled in just before 9 and checked out the merch (a bit pricey to be honest but Casey is smashed). Then wandered down to the stage, the place was half empty and then The Inbreds started.

I really wasn’t interested in seeing a support band (it was a Wednesday) but these guys were great. Playing a very metallic punk thing, the vocalist was wearing a Lucha Libre wrestling mask and was proper vicious to the audience (in a friendly way). I was quite impressed by these guys will try and catch their next London show.

Amen literally hit the stage and played as if the stage was on fire and smashed through their set (this was almost literal too). Casey was throwing mic stands, kicking the drum kit over, barely vocalising the lyrics and jumping in face first into the crowd at every possible chance. The songs were there, California’s Bleeding, Protest Life(by Scum), Justified, Bring Me The Heads and more it was just intense. The turn out was crap, but then this is the third time Amen were meant to play the UK this year. It was amazing, Casey’s put on some weight and it’s been ages since they have toured full stop so the surprise that this was a full on punk rock show was immense.

Amen are back and you better like it.

Photos here

Justified from the gig on YouTube:

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