Hundred Reasons at Koko Jan 2007

Hundred Reasons, Fri, 19 Jan 2007 10:14:01, Koko, London, The Event on

From a Gig Review post:
A reschedule of their October show. I’d never been to KoKo before and I was lucky enough to be able to score Sarah and ticket for this to so we popped along…

…And actually got in half way through the first song :-?. There is a club afterwards so they start quite early in KoKo(we got in at 8:45pm). I saw HR in The Scala last year and they (and the crowd) were good then but tonight was a different vibe entirely. Colin has been recuperating recently (hence the rescheduling) and all te built up energy just blew me away and the crowd were singing every line straight back at him. There was even a circle pit on the floor at one stage(we were up on a balcony) which although VERY unnecessary at an HR show was good to see that HR still had the draw they’ve always had.

Again I will repeat the HR experience given half a chance as should you. Although their last Irish show I was at was an eighth full Ambassador very disappointing from my point of view, no audience in Ireland how? See them live and you’ll ask the same question.

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