SikTh at Harlequin Theatre Dec 2006

SikTh, Fri, 01 Dec 2006 18:00:00, Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, The Event on

From Gig Review post:
I’m not sure we skipped them staying in the pub till Sikth came on.

Back in Redhill with young Gurdy and another Sikth gig and surprisingly another setlist. In theory this is separate from the tour they’ve just done and the London show was a special set so I suppose it’s not too strange. If you compare it to the one from London and Milton Keynes there is a lot less new stuff.

Anyway onto the gig itself. This was the biggest crowd we’d seen staying around for the headline acts (compared to RSH and Skindred) but also seemed a little younger 😕 Anyway Sikth didn’t care and just belted through the set and the ENTIRE crowd actually leapt(OK I could step over it but they were young and short) over the barrier it was great to see and Sikth loved it ending the show in on a real high with Skies Of Millennium Night which is class.


  • Bland Street Bloom
  • Part Of The Friction
  • Flogging The Horse
  • Pussyfoot
  • Hold My Finger
  • Scent Of The Obscene
  • Sanguine Seas Of Bigotry
  • When Will The Forest Speak?
  • Wait For Something Wild
  • Skies Of Millennium Night

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