Gig Review – The Dillinger Escape Plan, LA2, 23rd February 2008

Beneath the buried and me

The last time I saw DEP was actually 2002, before I was really a fan since then I’ve lapped all their releases, the live show was so immense. I actually hadn’t picked up Ire Works before this show so wasn’t sure what to expect but no need to be worried.

I got just in before DEP so grabbed a place down the back and waited. It wasn’t a long wait as there is a club on in the LA2 on Saturdays so they bounded onstage just after half 8 surrounded by dry ice and backlight with powerful lights. You weren’t here to see them you were there to hear their noise. And what an immense noise covering pretty much their entire career and still with a good helping from the new album (I assume). They had the crowd going nuts from the first note of Panasonic Youth to the pure joy of Sunshine Werewolf with 43% Burnt and Baby’s First Coffin along with other class tunes they never let the pace drop.

Near the start of the set Greg climbed up on the scaffolding around the stage and their guitarist crowd surfed with his guitar on so cue a note being handed to Greg "If you or anyone you encourage climbs on that scaffold again or you crowd surf with a guitar again we will cut the power". This was adhered too until the final song when said guitarist climbed up the scaffold and then climbed through the little windows which over look the stage (the LA2 has a really weird setup) and played from there and the other guitarist climbed onto the stacks at stage right and brought a cymbal and stand with him and just hit it around a bit.

This gig was brilliant and worth waiting for (they’d cancelled twice before Xmas for various reasons), wonder when they’ll be back again?

Setlist(I’m pretty sure):

  1. Panasonic Youth
  2. 43% Burnt
  3. Fix your face
  4. Lurch
  5. Setting fire to sleeping giants
  6. Baby’s First Coffin
  7. New one
  8. When good dogs do bad things
  9. New one
  10. Sugar Coated Sour
  11. Party Smasher
  12. Sunshine Wolf

Photos here.

Later days,

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