Gig Review – “Gigantour”, Brixton Academy, 24th of February 2008

Job For A Cowboy

As you can see I have called this "Gigantour" as that was how it was billed (after I’d bought my ticket so no real problem to me) but this was no package bill it was a normal three band bill in the Academy with one local, one up and coming and one established act.

I skipped Evile, they’re shit. This however can not be said about JFAC. Their EP Doom is brilliant and I’d never had a chance to see them live, I wasn’t sure how they’d do it such a large venue but they filled it and then some. OK so it wouldn’t have won any new converts but it was still a good show. On a side note I’d gone with the intention of getting a JFAC and Megadeth t-shirt but when the Ts turned out to be £22 for a Megadeth one and the same for a JFAC one (as were Evile’s) I knew Dave Mustaine was pulling the "suport band shirts can not be cheaper than ours" shit so I bought nothing from Megadave and bought a JFAC shirt and the new CD. Well done Dave dicked yourself out of some money there.

Well what can you say about Megadeth? They’ve been around a while, Dave Mustaine has wound up a lot of people but they have released some of the best thrash records (and not just in the 80s The System Has Failed was a masterpiece). The thing is I hate the new album it is awful neocon American bullshit but their live show has always been a draw. Tonight they played a few new tracks (none of the very dreadful ones though) but mostly gave the crowd what the wanted with a great mix of tracks spanning their whole career. The crowd was on fire and Dave just put his head down and played no waffling, no bullshit just metal. I was honestly impressed, while not as good as the Dublin show a few years ago it was still great to see a living legend (he is whether you like or not) still rocking out. Megadeth please come back just with a less shit album please.

Job For A Cowboy photos here and Megadeth photos here.

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