Gig Review – Man Must Die, Purple Turtle, 22nd of March 2008

Embroynic Depravity

I’m writing this up over two months after the gig :-/, anyway. I missed the first act and 99% of the second. The final support act was local and had a half decent following just not sure who it was. There set was only of note when an audience member "crowd surfed" i.e. jumped off the stage into one of his mates. He however mistimed and ended up landing on his mates shoulder in such a way as to somersault over it and landing head first on the floor. This unsurprisingly knocked him out cold, left a pool of, very vivid red, blood and an ambulance was called. The gig didn’t stop though and he was walking around within twenty minute so it was all OK.

The turn around here was very quick, I’d not been in the Purple TRurtle before but heard good tings and it was a nice venue, it looked like it could deal with tiny crowds and relatively large ones (say 200+) quite nicely and the sound was great. Man Must Die are one of those bands I have picked up since my obsession with the Glasgow/Edinburgh scene started in late 2002 and I’ve never seen them live (not too surprising) but they have built up a bit of a rep and have signed with relapse and have gotten some big support slots. It was great to be able to catch them headlining though partly as it is cheaper.

They are touring in support of their new album The Human Condition which I hadn’t picked up yet (£15 in HMV, £8 at this gig you do the math) but thankfully the set was a great mix of stuff from both albums. They didn’t really hit the stage just strolled on but once the started playing the went mental. It was great the crowd pushed up real close and the singer’s accent between songs gradually evolved from a pretty non-descript British one to a full blown Glaswegian bark. As mentioned the mix of songs didn’t put off the crowd but the place erupted when they played "Severe Facial Reconstruction" which is easily my favourite track off "Start Killing" (incidentally also my mate Ken’s too).

Basically what I’m trying to say was this was an animal set, lots of energy, great crowd and cracking tunes. It was pretty short 45 mins or so but it was cracking. They played the next week but couldn’t make it 🙁 gutted. They are off around Europe (including Ireland) with Cephalic Carnage and Hate Eternal, I recommend checking them out.

Photos here.

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