Gig Review – Presidents of the United States of America, Astoria, 15th of April 2008

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Electric Eel Shock

PUSA, Woo and Hoo. This is the first date of their 9 date UK tour and the first of the 6 dates I am attending on said tour, so following this review will be Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Belfast and Dublin. They’ll probably be less verbose with a quick review of the crowd and venue, then the setlist and a link to my pictures from the gig.

So this time I missed both supports, completely on purpose, I’d see enough of them on this tour I reckoned so decided to stick at home till quite late. PUSA are a three piece with 3 string guitars, 2 string bass and drums and their stage set reflects this i.e. there is nowt but lights, stacks and the drum kit onstage. Having seen PUSA a few times already (5) and having the new album for over a month, I did have an idea what to expect, namely a rocking high energy show with great songs and funny banter.

London didn’t disappoint, this was easily the largest venue I ;d see them in and as far as I know the largest on the entire tour but they always make it feel like they are playing for you in your sitting room. Opening playing songs from every period (not Freaked Out and Small) the audience loved it. There was definitely a dip when new songs were played but you could see down on the floor up front knew all the new tunes and it was great hearing "Deleter", "Ghosts are everywhere" and "Lady Bug" livc. It helps that this abum easily is as good as anything else they have released with "Flame Is Love" being a personal favourite.

A slight surprise was the inclusion of "Peaches" and "Lump" before the encore but the place erupted for both of them and "Mach 5" was definitely a crowd pleaser especially with that killer riff/solo that opens it. As usual PUSA rock and I left with a smile a mile wide, now just for the other 5.


  1. Bug city (bit of Kansas City by The Beatles)
  2. Kitty (Superstition by Stevie Wonder bit)
  3. Rot in the sun
  4. Some postman
  5. Boll weevil
  6. Ladybug
  7. Zero friction
  8. Flame Is Love
  9. Dune buggy
  10. Mixed up SOB
  11. Back porch
  12. Lump
  13. Ghosts are everywhere
  14. Lunatic to love
  15. Sharpen up those fangs
  16. Mach 5
  17. Peaches
  18. Kick out the jams
  19. Video killed the radiostar
  20. Deleter
  21. Candy
  22. We’re not going to make it

Pictures here.

Later days,

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