Pitchshifter at Astoria Oct 2007

Pitchshifter, Fri, 12 Oct 2007 23:50:01, Astoria, London, The Event on Last.fm.

From a Gig Review post:

The Ghost of a thousand
Shaped by fate

This was actually downgraded to the LA2 which was formerly The Mean Fiddler formerly the LA2 (you couldn’t make it up), which I suppose isn’t a great sign but then the last Astoria date (which I was at) had Murder One, Skindred and This Is Menace which is an amazing line up compared to this light weight one. I mean I only got my ticket on the day (various issues).

Skipped the support, just wasn’t in the mood so got in about 10 minutes before ‘Shifter came on. Got myself a free CD (a track from each band including Pitchshifter) and a T-shirt and settled in for the fun. I’ll be honest I wasn’t very impressed at the last show by Pitchshifter, they were just lacklustre (that could be in comparison to the rest of the line up though that night). Tonight was a different story, maybe it was the smaller venue, maybe it was the lack of a support but whatever tonight was animal. They barrelled through their back cat (including Virus with Mikee formerly of Sikth). They played Microwaved, Genius, Please Sir, you name a song you liked they probably played it was great. They even did the encore thing (which they are not fans of but what do I care). They will be back in 2009 with an album so assume this will be the last of their dates till then but I will be there after tonight’s performance.

During the show JS had promised a copy of the first This Is Menace album for everyone in the audience which I wasn’t too sure about (although it is their label) but true to his word there was someone handing it out of boxes at the merch stand 😀 I already own it though but took one anyway. I then decided to get some posters to (£3 for 3) and I was meant to go to all three of the shows the poster was for (this one, the last one and a festival they tried to organise that went tits up) so thought it was fair. Also was mildly entertained but a stupid drunk crack whore bitch who was drunkenly writing a note to Pitchshifter on the back of the email sign up sheet about who "uncool" it was to do an encore (I shit you not). I was shocked but I did something about it being like her second ever show so obviously no clue about how a live show goes, muppet.

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